What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is the online equivalent of putting out a donation jar or holding a car wash to raise money for a cause. It's a crowdfunding website designed for personal causes, not for business use.

GoFundMe is a way to raise money to meet individual needs, like covering medical bills or college tuition or to a create a central donation point for a charity, nonprofit organization, or cause.

Kickstarter does not permit fundraising and indiegogo spun off its fundraising elements to Generosity.com.

GoFundMe caters to individuals helping other people, Paying for medical bills is an all-too-common need, and GoFundMe makes it possible for far-flung friends, family and supporters to contribute on a onetime or a recurring basis.

The site is also good for helping to deal with local, regional, and national natural disasters, gathering funds for supplies or equipment.


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